The 6 Best WordPress Slideshow Plugins Revealed

Presenting information in the form of a slideshow is one way to get lots of traffic to your site. Most of the time, people are looking for information that is clear and to the point. A slideshow usually breaks down the information to just the important details that can be easily understood. This is very handy in cases when you have little space in which to show your content. In case you have a WordPress site and you would like to leverage the power of a slideshow on your site, then this is the right article for you. In the next few sections, we take a look at some of the plugins that you can make use of in order to present information in the form of a slideshow on your WordPress powered site. These plugins have different features and additional capabilities so it is upon you to read through the features of each and decide for yourself what you would like to integrate into your site. So read on and see the different WordPress slideshow plugins that are out there.

1. WP Featured Content Slider

This slider plugin has a lot of options you can use in order to customize its behavior on your site. The transitions are pretty smooth and on top of that, it has a clean look. Choosing a post where you would like the slideshow to appear in is as easy as ticking on a check box. One thing to remember is to always upload a featured image and have a short title. This way, the slideshow is easily recognizable and very attractive to the user.

2. NextGEN Gallery

nextgen gallery

This is yet another awesome plugin for embedding slideshows inside your posts. It has had a lot of downloads on the WordPress site and has a huge user base. It can be used in case you have a post with a lot of photos that if placed on a regular post would really clutter it and make it look disorganized. The photos are placed in the form of a slideshow hence making the post readable. You can easily upload all the photos as a single batch upload hence saving big on time. Additionally, you can customize the specific features such as the styling, looks and even edit individual images. Effects such as the lightbox effect can also be easily added to your slideshow making it fun and engaging. This contributes to a great user experience on the site due to the amazing visual impact. So if you are looking to have a post with a lot of photos such as a special event post, this is the plugin for you.

3. Portfolio Slideshow

This is one plugin with a lot of freedom in terms of the way in which you can customize it. It does not restrict the height or width of the images nor the number of slides you can have. On top of that, it is mobile friendly so if you are targeting a user base that views your website from their mobile devices, this is the plugin to have. You can easily customize every aspect of it and make it feel like your very own. It comes with an array of size options, slideshow timing and speed, the captions, descriptions and titles of the slides and the location of the navigation buttons. You can even choose to actually disable the navigation buttons completely and just make use of the timing specified in the slides.

4. Dynamic Content Gallery

dynamic content gallery

This is a great plugin for experience user as it requires a bit more control in terms of specifying how exactly the slides will be shown. You need to know how your imagery and content will be displayed in advance but in the end, the results are amazing. This may have a bit more legwork involved but in the end it pays of in a big way. This may be a bit confusing for novice users but still a great slideshow plugin to have.

5. ShowTime Slideshow

This plugin works by pulling all the images on a post or a page as a single slideshow. The plugin is amazingly easy to install and use. It also comes in handy when your pictures are low resolution and you do not want to stretch or distort them. You can also tweak it in case you are experienced enough. In order for the slideshow to work, the user needs to move the mouse over it and click hence ensuring they are engaged with the content on the slideshow.

6. Slideshow Plugin

slideshow pluginThis provides a really way of integrating a slideshow with your WordPress installation regardless of the theme you may be using. You can load any image into the slideshow right from the media page or even upload them right away. You can have as many slideshow as you want on a single page and have different settings and display options for each one of them. The slides can be in different forms such as image slides, text slides, or even YouTube video slides. One good thing about this plugin is that it is responsive and will scale your slideshow automatically depending on the screen dimensions of the device from which it is being viewed. You can easily change the handling and the animations on the slides and customize it to your tastes.

Slideshows on a WordPress site can be used to display your best work in the form of a portfolio, artwork, latest posts and even artwork. One great thing about slideshows is that they draw the attention of the user and save a lot of time that the user could have spent scrolling through content or going from one page to another. WordPress slideshow plugins can be installed very fast and they can also be as easily customized in order to fit the requirements of the user. The plugins listed above are among the very best you can ever come across and they can be of great help in organizing content on your site and showcasing your work. So make a selection and get organized today!

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