Top 10 WordPress Gallery Plugins

For a website that showcases their screenshots, portfolio and other kind of artwork, a gallery plugin is an absolute must have. This makes the process of uploading and publishing all these images much easier and efficient. The choices are virtually limitless in terms of gallery plugins but choosing the best for your WordPress site can be quite difficult. This is why this article takes a look at some really good WordPress gallery plugins and lays it out for you in a clear and concise manner. The various features that come with gallery plugins are quite wonderful and now you can even add featured content on your homepage or any other page using a gallery plugin. Additionally, you can also add visual effects to the images and make them move in a slow motion slideshow. For your featured posts, you can create some fast sliders and capture the attention of the reader. These plugins are very useful as not all themes come with slider options or gallery options inbuilt. Having a simple to use plugin can make the work quite smooth and easy. In the list below, we dive into each of the gallery plugins we believe are the best in terms of usability, features and popularity. Read on and see which of the WordPress gallery plugins you should choose for your WordPress site.

1. SlideDeck Responsive Content Slider


This is one of the very best gallery plugins for WordPress. It is quite stylish and modern and has an attractive quality to it that makes visitors want to stay longer on your site and interact more with the content. Additionally, the plugin is fully responsive and can be used on a site that is viewed across different devices and screen layouts. It has easy customizations and supports images, text, Flickr pictures and even YouTube videos.

2. NextGen Plugin for WordPress

nextgen gallery

This is another one of the popular gallery plugins. It has got so many advanced features that come with it hence giving you the ability to customize your gallery as much as you would like to. Image upload is quite easy with support for batch uploads, you can edit the complete gallery in addition to individual images and it has a lot of slider effects that are also editable. For individual images, you can even have effects such as watermarks and resizing thanks to this wonderful plugin.

3. Cincopa WordPress Media Plugin

cincopa mediaThis is one plugin that makes it very simple to add a variety of multimedia content such as music, photos, videos and even playlists. The speed and security of your media files is ensured thanks to CDN. This plugin is quite useful for bloggers who update their blogs on a regular basis with different media types. The plugin features several skins for your website which you can choose from. You can also customize the size of your images and the color of the text among many other options. It is also responsive and integrates quite smoothly with your CDN solution. For purposes of branding, you can have an on screen logo displayed with the gallery.

4. Lightbox Plus ColorBox

lightbox plus colorboxThis very stylish plugin allows you to add the images and videos as an overlay over the page. It also comes with support for a slider and you can also have multiple files all shown in the overlay. There are several styles to choose from right from the dashboard. In addition to all these great features, the plugin is quite simple to use and has browser support for all major browsers so you are not worried about your gallery getting broken when viewed from certain browsers. It is quite lightweight hence making the images and content load quite fast and the look and feel can be modified using CSS.

5. GRAND FlaGallery

grand flagalleryThis gallery plugin gives you the ability to create different kinds of galleries with different content types. It comes optimized for search engine hence a huge boost to your sites discoverability. It has a responsive design which adapts itself to the dimensions of the device on which it is being viewed.

6. Page Flip Image Gallery

page flip image galleryWith this amazing gallery plugin, you can actually give your gallery feel like a real actual magazine. It adds an amazing flipping effect making your site visitors feel like they are actually flipping through the pages of a magazine which is showcasing your work. This makes it quite interesting, exciting and memorable and contributes to a great user experience for the visitor. It comes with a gallery page editor, and has the option of a pop-up image gallery.

7. Lightbox Gallery

lightbox galleryThis makes an impressive display of your gallery in the form of a lightbox and you can also have many other additional settings done on the lightbox in order to give it an amazing look and feel that will leave your visitors with the memories of the gallery.

8. WordPress Gallery

This plugin gives you the ability to have decent galleries in your page. The image can be shown one after the other or all can be shown at once. The images can also be displayed easily in the form of pop-ups. With this plugin, you can create an unlimited number of albums in your gallery. The photos can also be shows as a slideshow in their full sizes.

9. Portfolio Slideshow

This is among one of our top WordPress slideshow plugins.  This offers a clean and responsive slideshow for your site. There is also a pro version for the advanced users. This plugin has the capabilities of adding videos, touch and swipe motion navigation in addition to keyboard navigation, a standalone slideshow editor and so much more.

10. Easing Slider Lite

easing slider lite

This is one simple plugin that gives you the ability to include simple yet professional slideshows to your WordPress site. It is not only lightweight, but also responsive and packs a ton of wonderful features.


So there you have it, 10 WordPress gallery plugins to add some pizzazz to your wordpress website. You can always pick from any of the above based on your needs and whether you can pay for the premium ones or not. Make a choice and start presenting content well on your site today!

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